my dog is adopted

she had a whole life before this

and she used to shake and shudder

and not eat and not walk

in those early days with us

then she barked at passers-by

apparently concerned about her safety

or mine

and I couldn’t understand it

because I knew she was safe

but she didn’t

with time she exhaled

and now her days are made

of naps in her spot on the couch

I did not think I would allow

and grilled chicken pieces I love to see her eat

and walks

and smells

and noticing

and belly rubs

and digging

and more resting than I think she needs

she trusts me

so she takes turns, resting in sun and then shade

in our little yard

her life is simple

as mine ought to be

like her, I am adopted

and well cared for

I have a spot made just for me

and everything I need

I am safe

I should rest more


© my little epiphanies Kerry Campbell 2015 all rights reserved

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