You Are Enough

Photo by Mikhail Kalinin I’ve always been kind of a lot, or at least that’s what I’ve heard.  I have a lot of emotions, a lot of words.  I have a lot of feelings about the ways things should be.  When I was a child, I was the one who was too much and not enough, all at once, and this... Continue Reading →


Original Photo by Kerry Campbell As I have for some time now, I’ve been prayerfully considering my word for the year ahead.  Last year, the word came to me in a flash: mantle. In all its forms, it just kind of fit and the word has really held up throughout this past year.  The year before, it... Continue Reading →

50 Things I’ve Learned Before 50

You can read the same thing every year and gain something different each time because of your own growing soul and experience.Be the gatekeeper of your own mind – choose good things to look at, listen to, and watch.We’re told to follow our dreams, but dreams can be gauzy and overwhelming.  Instead, follow your curiosity.  (Elizabeth Gilbert)Drink... Continue Reading →

Intercessory Prayer – Raised Catholic episode 42

The following is a transcript from the Raised Catholic podcast. To listen to the podcast, click here. Today is episode 42: Intercessory Prayer Well, hello friends. This week, I’m thinking about prayer, specifically intercessory prayer, and I’m wondering about your own prayer practice. When I asked friends on Facebook about this topic this week, many... Continue Reading →

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