late night prayer: my singing my teaching my writing my son my daughter my husband my marriage my family my friends my body my mind my thoughts my eyes my ears my hands my actions my future my past my present my breath my enemies my struggles my victories my hope my fear my vocation... Continue Reading →


missing your mother a few years in is like walking around the edge of a large pit in the ground the more you look at it how deep and dark and unending the more likely you will fall in you remember what it was like down there the raw ceaseless howling and you have no wish... Continue Reading →


apple green kitchen walls pinecones that smell of cinnamon bare feet walking on smooth floors   tangy greek yogurt and icy blackberries lungs that fill and empty sun shining through windows   mushy dog who holds my gaze flannel and fleece quiet and calm   hot coffee and cold milk honey yellow pillow, sky blue... Continue Reading →


there is a room in my mind that is mine and locked and blue I go there to think and muse and never pray I leave notes behind which no one ever reads and yet each time I enter I expect to find in return one small envelope and very few precious words like water... Continue Reading →


People I know are seeking and finding new opportunities, and I am mostly so happy for them. They are leaving, moving forward, and growing, and I am not. I’m a bird in a nest when everyone else is flying and I am left picking at straw. Sometimes watching them makes me cranky and jealous, and... Continue Reading →


some nights I walk down a hallway back and forth in silence with no idea where I’m headed there are no windows and no air and the only door I want to try is locked I curl up on the floor and wait for morning when the sun will rise again   © 2016 my... Continue Reading →


the little place in me where God lives is pure silver, shining and gleaming and everything that comes from that place is pure, shining, gleaming and good I watch it as it goes out music, words, interactions, in utter amazement it is a part of me, apart from me it is the place where God... Continue Reading →

If I Knew

If I only knew Instead of only guess The thing might still be wretched It might still be a mess   But when you really know Instead of only question The path grows underneath your foot One rock to the next one   Gaseous, empty vapor Tossing to and fro Instead, I’d like a place... Continue Reading →


it marches when I wish it would bend and loop and stop even in just one room while the rest marches on without me collect it in a pocket spend it or save wind it around dream for a day while the clock quietly slows and a single day stretches and my heart finds a... Continue Reading →

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