how much of what we believe to be true is true?   did you ever stop to think or check or question the assumptions memories opinions verdicts that form your very foundation   or the quiet stories that play in the background and fuel your decisions   who said what and what it meant or... Continue Reading →


If you ask any of my former preschool-aged music students what they remember about my classes, they may sing one of two phrases back at you. The first is ‘sticks on your shoulders’, which is sung to an annoying, but memorable tune. It’s a reminder to the kids to keep their wooden rhythm sticks on... Continue Reading →

914 (part two)

  There are six or eight little white utility vans that zip around the university campus where I live, and I often see them while running, walking the dog or sitting on my porch. The vans are identical except for the drivers, whom I never notice, and their three digit license plate numbers, which I... Continue Reading →

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