Four Words

One of my favorite authors featured a short video on her Instagram last week and I cannot stop thinking about it.  In an interview, Kate Bowler speaks about her initial steps into the bewildering and scary journey of stage four cancer and she highlights an interaction with one of her nurses, Meg.  At the time,... Continue Reading →

Sometimes pictures surprise you.  The one above, taken four years ago on a Holy Saturday like today, was one that escaped my attention until just recently.  That day, my daughter had my camera and she took dozens and dozens of pictures…this one seemed just kind of random to me until I looked a bit deeper.  The... Continue Reading →

Mammography Waiting Room

I have never been a fan of suspenseful movies, roller coasters, or Halloween.  I never understood people who loved that feeling of being afraid, because to me it is the worst feeling in the world.  Some things you can’t avoid, though, and this scary room is one of them.  If you’re a woman around the... Continue Reading →

On Worry

This week, my mother started chemo again for the third time, and it’s scary and not something I can control.  In addition to that, there’s lots of everyday worries and changes that I’m trying to keep up with…trying to do my best.  At times lately, it feels like I’m treading water.  Today, I had to... Continue Reading →

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