I was walking in one of my favorite places just now when I saw this wooden chapel birdhouse. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed it. In fact, I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of it over the years, in every time and season. Sometimes the leaves are green and full as they are today. Sometimes... Continue Reading →


Someone winked at me yesterday and it was awesome. It doesn’t matter the source…old man, tiny girl, or anyone in between, a wink signifies a shared knowing without the need for words, and it cannot be denied. A wink says, “we’re on the same page” or “this will all work out just fine, don’t you... Continue Reading →


Nothing in my circumstances changed, but I could feel something shift, some tiny glowing ember in my spirit today that was new and yet something I recognized from long ago, like an old friend. I felt it grow stronger as I saw the faces at church, so grace-filled and kind and good. I felt it... Continue Reading →

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