Slow Lent

The following is a transcript from a Raised Catholic Podcast episode. To listen to the episode, click here. Today is episode 65: Slow Lent Well, hi friends.  This week I was teaching my early childhood music program with a preschool group and introducing the concept of ‘tempo’ with a fun St. Patrick’s Day song.  We stood up,... Continue Reading →


“Bye, Kristen!” I called to the beautiful, curly-haired Mom I had met a few weeks before at church. We had been in similar circles over the years, but had not officially been introduced until that Sunday. When I extended my hand and told her my name, Kristen laughed and replied, “Everyone knows who you are.”... Continue Reading →


I just returned from helping out at a retreat weekend, and though I’ve been a part of many such weekends, I always learn and take away something new. It seems we go to things like these when we most need it, and this weekend was no exception. Sometimes we hear something in one of the... Continue Reading →


Someone posed this question at my daughter’s post-high school graduation dinner: If given the choice, would you rather know HOW you were going to die or WHEN you were going to die? Now, before anyone piles on about the appropriateness of the timing of this particularly morbid question at that particularly hopeful event, you should... Continue Reading →


Someone winked at me yesterday and it was awesome. It doesn’t matter the source…old man, tiny girl, or anyone in between, a wink signifies a shared knowing without the need for words, and it cannot be denied. A wink says, “we’re on the same page” or “this will all work out just fine, don’t you... Continue Reading →

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