Our son, Brian, lost his cell phone somewhere between here and Western Massachusetts, over two hours away, and we got a text from his friend Alex’s phone asking for our help. After some technological finagling courtesy of my husband, and some help from a satellite in the sky, we were able to ascertain the phone’s... Continue Reading →


I dropped my kid off in the dark to catch the bus that will take her and her classmates to Washington DC. On the way home, the sky lightened, and it was the particular kind of spring light that makes everything look impermanent. Houses and buildings took on a cardboard quality, like they were a... Continue Reading →


  My daughter and I had a delightful breakfast on the water followed by a perfect walk followed by the shock of the realization that somewhere along the way, I had lost my keys. Our sunny, grateful moods turned quickly, hers to panic and mine to gritty determination to find what was lost. We retraced... Continue Reading →

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