some nights I walk down a hallway back and forth in silence with no idea where I’m headed there are no windows and no air and the only door I want to try is locked I curl up on the floor and wait for morning when the sun will rise again   © 2016 my... Continue Reading →

If I Knew

If I only knew Instead of only guess The thing might still be wretched It might still be a mess   But when you really know Instead of only question The path grows underneath your foot One rock to the next one   Gaseous, empty vapor Tossing to and fro Instead, I’d like a place... Continue Reading →


it marches when I wish it would bend and loop and stop even in just one room while the rest marches on without me collect it in a pocket spend it or save wind it around dream for a day while the clock quietly slows and a single day stretches and my heart finds a... Continue Reading →

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