Under Construction – Raised Catholic podcast 35

The following is a transcript from the Raised Catholic podcast. To listen to the podcast, click here. Silhouette Engineers Worker discussion with architects work planing in construction site working on high ground heavy industry and safety concept Today is episode 35: Under Construction Well, hello, friends. Today’s episode is a short update about some work... Continue Reading →


I hadn’t bought asparagus in months as I couldn’t bring myself to spend $4/pound, but we all know that with the spring comes the very tasty and also much lower-priced asparagus, so I had planned on waiting it out. Then came a pandemic, and all thoughts of non-utilitarian vegetables moved pretty far down the list. We... Continue Reading →


“Not everything is a metaphor, Mom…not everything has to mean something,” my sixteen year old daughter says sometimes when I look too deeply at some small thing. And, I get it. Mothers can be annoying, and our quirky habits can be fodder for teasing and the very best eulogies. My ability to find a metaphor... Continue Reading →

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