When I was a child, my faith life was whatever my parents taught me. There was a loving God, and rules, and if you did the right thing, and helped your neighbor, all would be well. If my early-adult life was a house, I would have painted one room ‘religion’, another ‘family’, another ‘work’, another... Continue Reading →

panna cotta

This year I’ve discovered a love of panna cotta. If it’s on a menu in a restaurant, I’m getting it, lemon or coffee or orange, delicate and wholesome at the same time. It’s so good, you would think it’s a hundred percent cream. (Oh, it is a hundred percent cream, you say? Pardon me while... Continue Reading →


In 2011, a man named Bryan moved into our town and saw the dire need for a traffic light on the corner of Broad and High. He researched, circulated petitions, contacted town and state officials, and got the process underway. In 2014, Bryan died unexpectedly of a heart attack at age 51, leaving a loving... Continue Reading →


Sometimes when I’m looking for a little direction, I’ll click on the ‘Laudate’ app on my phone, which contains the readings of the day. When I scan through, a phrase might pop out at me from a psalm or a gospel, or a whole reading might strike me in a new way, or some days... Continue Reading →


Last night I heard a musician/priest perform with a loop station. He’d play a little bit of guitar and it would play back and then he’d add something on top of it and loop that.   He’d sing something into the loop and then harmonize with himself over and over. You’d think it would be repetitive... Continue Reading →


I am one of a small handful of women in the world who dislike getting pedicures. The language barrier and my ticklish feet are part of my discomfort, but the biggest issue I have is that I don’t like the feeling of being served. Today, as the temperature inched over seventy degrees for the first time... Continue Reading →

With, and a Little Ahead

My dog, Bailey, walks with me and a little ahead. She can often smell or sense things I cannot, so in those moments, she’ll take the lead, but otherwise she stays with me, side by side. With me and a little ahead. It brings back a memory of when I was twenty, invited on retreat... Continue Reading →

Long Run

It’s no new revelation that running mirrors life, but I am learning that long-distance running mirrors it even more clearly. Here are some reasons why. You can’t do it alone. There is just no way I could finish my weekly long run without support. Friends and family who leave and bring water, friends who advise... Continue Reading →


Once I travelled south to New York City with my daughter for the day to see a show and go back home again. On the same day, another woman travelled north with her son to see the same show. We sat a row apart and did not meet. She reads Shauna Niequist, loves her family... Continue Reading →

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