There was something wrong with me but I didn’t know what it was. I was ten years old and sitting on my twin bed, trying to figure it out. For days, I had been burping far more than a tiny ten-year old should, and the smell that came out of my sixty-pound self was…foul. There’s... Continue Reading →


Someone posed this question at my daughter’s post-high school graduation dinner: If given the choice, would you rather know HOW you were going to die or WHEN you were going to die? Now, before anyone piles on about the appropriateness of the timing of this particularly morbid question at that particularly hopeful event, you should... Continue Reading →


It used to be that on a grumpy, grumbly day, I would see my whole life through the lens of whatever was currently happening to cause my ill-ease. I would build a monument to it with my thoughts, and the walls of it were so thick that no light could come in. We all experience... Continue Reading →


I watched my groceries as they traveled down the conveyor belt and thought of what an impressive bunch of stuff it was. Greek yogurt, almond milk, feta, hummus, pita, avocados, spring mix lettuce, English cucumber, apples, butternut squash, cremini mushrooms, yasso bars, pasta, sliced ham, cheddar cheese, frozen blackberries, frozen spanakopita, dark chocolate with almonds,... Continue Reading →


I went walking, quiet and alone, skirt swishing, looking for light or a piece of sky to capture with a camera. At every turn, I found telephone wires, broken buildings, and overgrown trees and they blocked my view. I could just make out the outline of the sunset, or the unearthly glow that came pouring... Continue Reading →

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