I had what really looked like a breakthrough on the writing front. A Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of a house I really respect wrote me personally, said he thought I had a lot to say and could help a lot of people. I was beside myself, of course, fully believing my dream of book publishing was about to... Continue Reading →


I must have woken up on the wrong side of the life bed this morning, because at 8am today, I was in a bad way. Maybe it was the moon, or fatigue, or that late night chocolate ice cream the night before, but I woke up today feeling utterly worthless. News of the accomplishments, new... Continue Reading →


When I was a child, my faith life was whatever my parents taught me. There was a loving God, and rules, and if you did the right thing, and helped your neighbor, all would be well. If my early-adult life was a house, I would have painted one room ‘religion’, another ‘family’, another ‘work’, another... Continue Reading →


Write. Read. Sing. Teach. Love. Lately, I have been thinking that I am on the verge of something new. I am mindful of this hunch I have, and am open to the idea that I am being led to a new ministry, or job, or experience. If that is the case, I want to cooperate... Continue Reading →

Write Your Own Story

Imagine a day when it all stops. Your busy-ness, your worries, your challenges, your accomplishments, your fears, your routines, your possessions, any title ever given to you. Gone. What is left is love.  A bright warm light surrounds and envelopes you, and those who have gone before you approach with love and joy in their eyes.... Continue Reading →

Why blog? Why ‘epiphany’?

I spent some part of this morning reading the beautiful words of Glennon Doyle Melton's Momastery blog, and it occurred to me that a central place to put some of my writing might be a good idea.  'Epiphany' came from a list of potential band names that my daughter was helping to generate for a... Continue Reading →

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