During the quiet, still time of a yoga class known as savasana, I often experience a picture or clarity that helps me make sense of where I am in life. For a long time, savasana brought me a picture of myself in the deep water, and showed me the ways God was revealing Himself and... Continue Reading →


I meet with God in savasana, the quiet, still time at the end of a yoga class. We have kind of a routine, God and I. As the teacher covers most of the students with blankets, I instead put on my cozy wrap cardigan, lay down in what’s known as ‘corpse pose’, and meet God... Continue Reading →


I wrote yesterday about the recurrence of egg references throughout my day. I saw a bunch of fresh eggs in the early morning at a local farm, and egg shapes on my yoga mat. I heard a conversation on public radio about the longevity and shelf stability of eggs, and eggs were featured in the... Continue Reading →


I went to our local farm store early this morning to drop something off, and there was just one person there, taking care of the one crop they still bring in every morning, even in March: eggs. The farmer was taking great care to wash the eggs, one by one, and line them up on... Continue Reading →


I woke up from a bone-chilling nightmare and got ready for a morning yoga class. Still shaking from the all too real dream, it was impossible to leave all of my thoughts outside the room, as our instructor had suggested. I carried that thing with me through warm-ups, sun salutations, warrior poses, triangles, and spinal... Continue Reading →


When my son was two or three, we started playing musical games after dinner. We had a regular evening dance schedule when he was a baby, but the games were a whole other level. We would listen to instrumental music and let it speak to us, imagining the story that might go along with it.... Continue Reading →


Beautiful. Amazing. Impressive. These are words my yoga teacher routinely used during our practice today. Part of me wanted to believe she was talking about me, though I probably didn’t deserve it. Part of me thinks she uses these words routinely because she is an inherently encouraging person. Regardless, whenever she says something positive, I... Continue Reading →


I have a love-hate relationship with my phone. When my daughter was called into the dentist this morning , I did what 98% of us probably do when we’re waiting, or find ourselves with a stretch of free time…I picked up my phone and started scrolling through text messages, emails, facebook, and I was immediately... Continue Reading →

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